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Our Story

It all started when we randomly happened upon an NFT event...

Like many others, we’d seen headlines in the news about cartoon JPEGs selling for millions of dollars, but we quickly found there was much more to it than first meets the eye. It really was (and still is) a wild-west.

NFTs were offering artists the opportunity to make a real living. By selling art digitally, as NFTs, artists could be anyone, create work and sell it from anywhere, almost immediately. But perhaps more significantly, artists could keep a cut of the royalties. No more were the days of selling a piece for peanuts only for it to be sold on for 10x the original price without future profits going to the artist. This felt like a really big deal.

The space was changing rapidly day by day, so we picked up our camera and started documenting. Soon, we were welcomed into communities and built incredible relationships with early artists, founders, developers and others who carved out a new career for themselves and paved the way for future successors. Everyday-people were taking risks, making huge fortunes and sharing their wealth amongst their communities… and we were filming it happen from their bedrooms/living rooms/studios.

However, the crypto market crashed in 2022 and consequently, many artists have struggled to maintain their success in the NFT and Web3 space. We continue to document the stories of the people who found success as they make and lose millions, are targeted by scammers and fight to maintain their place and legacy in Web3.

What People Are Saying

"If you are tired of seeing the SAME people being interviewed, the same stories being told... @wildwildweb3doc by @elasticpie 

is a piece of media that I can't wait to watch..."



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