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Lucy & Cameron

Director / Producer Team

Hello! We're Lucy and Cameron, the filmmakers behind Wild Wild Web3. Our journey so far has been completely fascinating; it's taken us over seas, to amazing places and events. We've visited art spaces, met cute dogs, cats, kids, incredible artists, secret developers, sceptics, pioneers and leaders... and though we can't wait to share it, we know it's only the start. 

A bit about us: Lucy's career in documentary television, feature films and sports has enabled her to learn how to create content that is both entertaining and meaningful. Lucy's strengths lie in recognising people's characters and her ability to evoke emotive and empathetic stories. Together, with Cameron's personable skills, filmmaking history and shared business background, we have been working on the documentary since 2021.


Wild Wild Web3 will be Lucy's first directed feature documentary, and it is incredibly important to us that the film is nuanced and truly representative of the unique and interesting people within the NFT / web3 space. Please do consider donating to the making of this film, to help us tell the story as well as possible. We would be incredibly grateful for your support.

Live Q&A

Watch the film followed by
a virtual livestream Q&A with filmmaker Alice de Silva

Cast & Crew


Fat Baby

as Kathy


as Frankie G

Tom Fry

as Andrea Chalk


PJ Dale


Maya Gonzalez


Jim Khaled

Production Designer

Charlotte White


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