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A Feature Film


Now in production

Win £2000 worth of video marketing by supporting our film!

How to enter:

​1- Go to our Fundsurfer page and choose the amount you'd like to donate.


2 - Add "Video" to your username so we know you came for the competition.


3 - Confirm your payment and pledge amount.


4 - That's it! You'll be entered into our draw to win £2,000 worth of video marketing for your business!

Competition closes March 1st 2023: The winner will be announced 6/3/23

The Story

Artists, developers, collectors, scammers, and regular people are paving their way in the wild west, promised land and new internet, 'WEB3'.

Since Autumn 2021 and through the highs and lows of a market crash, we have built amazing relationships with our contributors and continue to capture their fates unfolding as they navigate the new world.

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The Roadmap


Filming began,
Autumn 2021


*Happening now*


More shoots, travel costs,
event access +


Online and offline edits, music compositions & licences, graphics & animation, securing archive +

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